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Exploratory Course at Fengtai District Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum

By guiding students to learn, visit, and actively explore, this course aims to utilize venue resources to conduct thematic educational activities, further promoting the extensive and profound culture of TCM, and effectively enhancing young people's understanding and love for the excellent traditional Chinese culture.

Exploratory Course of China Fangshan World Geopark Museum

Based on the abundant geological resources in Fangshan, Zhiwen has developed this exploratory curriculum with the aim of allowing students to further understand geological knowledge, expand their horizons, and assist in the in-depth study of multiple subjects such as geography, physics, and chemistry. At the same time, it enables students to gain a deeper understanding of the wonders of nature and become more familiar with and love the magnificent landscapes of our motherland.

Interactive Course on Jing Embroidery

Jing Embroidery, also known as Palace Embroidery, is an ancient traditional embroidery craft of the Han ethnic group, encompassing various embroidered products centered around Beijing.

Interactive Course on Dough Sculpture

Dough sculpture involves shaping various small figures and objects from colored dough. With a history spanning over a thousand years, it can be considered a longstanding art form.

Interactive Course on Dian Cui

Dian Cui technique is a traditional Chinese craftsmanship for making gold and silver jewelry. It is a supplementary skill in jewelry making that plays a role in embellishing and beautifying gold and silver jewelry.

Interactive Course on Cloisonné Enamel Painting

Cloisonné enamel painting is a method of traditional Chinese painting, which is created through the processes of wire bending, wire laying, filling, painting, engraving, dotting, carving, lacquering, and filling.

Interactive Course on Beijing Opera Facial Makeup

In Beijing Opera facial makeup, different colors represent different character traits. However, the secrets of Beijing Opera facial makeup go far beyond that. Do you want to learn more? Join the course now!

Interactive Course on Kite

Do you know the history and culture behind kites? How are kites made? In this class, we will give you a quick overview.

Interactive Course on Shadow Puppetry

Shadow puppetry has a long history in China and has developed into various styles with distinct characteristics in different regions. It has also accumulated rich cultural connotations.