Interactive Course on Horse Ladle Facial Mask

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Horse Ladle Facial Mask is a traditional folk handicraft in Shaanxi Province, belonging to the Baoji social fire mask. In the folk customs of Shaanxi, there is still a tradition of playing social fire during the Spring Festival. Fengxiang folk fire Horse Ladle Facial Mask, abbreviated as Horse Ladle Facial Mask, is a newly emerging folk handicraft developed on the basis of inheriting the folk fire masks of Xifu. It evolved from Chinese folk fire masks. Local people paint the characters from mythical stories on the Horse Ladle Facial Masks, which is how it got its name.

This course includes:

  1. Introduction tutorial videos.
  2. Offline intangible cultural heritage hands-on experience (with teacher guidance).
  3. Completion certificate.
  4. Supplementary learning chapters.

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