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About MyZWEN

MyZWEN is a research and service organization dedicated to K12 quality education. Our core focus is on a pioneering curriculum that explores intangible cultural heritage, blending the essence of Chinese traditional culture, represented by intangible cultural heritage, with the concept of quality education. We strive to provide professional and comprehensive quality education products and related services to schools, museums, communities, and families.

The non-heritage inquiry-based courses and non-heritage STEAM courses developed by MyZWEN integrate intangible cultural heritage skills with various disciplines. These courses not only help students master intangible cultural heritage skills but also inspire their interest in subject knowledge learning. They cultivate students’ abilities in information exploration, integration, presentation, teamwork, and community service. Currently, the MyZWEN non-heritage inquiry-based courses have obtained multiple intellectual property rights and have been widely implemented in primary and secondary schools and museums. In addition, MyZWEN also operates the 93rd Yard Museum in Liulichang, Dashilan, a national-level historical and cultural preservation street in the core area of Beijing. At Zhao Dengyu School in Beijing, MyZWEN operates a “Zhenqu Garden” campus non-heritage museum, which revolves around the non-heritage inquiry-based courses, creating multiple interactions among schools, museums, communities, families, and students in the field of intangible cultural heritage inheritance.


Jingshi MyZWEN

“Jingshi MyZWEN” is an educational brand jointly launched by MyZWEN and Beijing Normal University Audio-Visual Electronic Publishing House for public primary and secondary schools.

As one of the best textbook publishing institutions in the country, Beijing Normal University Audio-Visual Electronic Publishing House focuses on educational publishing, innovative research and development of high-quality courses, and provides the most authoritative product research, publishing, and distribution support for “Jingshi MyZWEN” series of products, including non-heritage inquiry-based courses, non-heritage STEAM courses, non-heritage e-learning courses, and Chinese traditional cultural non-heritage classrooms.

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The non-heritage inquiry-based courses are innovative course systems that use intangible cultural heritage skills as a foundation and inquiry-based education as a philosophy. In the process of learning these courses, students can acquire living knowledge through hands-on experiences, improve their practical skills, and experience the charm of traditional culture in the classroom environment. The teaching process emphasizes the development of students' thinking and creative abilities, teaching them learning methods and encouraging their participation, autonomy, creativity, and cooperative spirit.

The Non-Heritage Inquiry-Based Courses

interdisciplinary innovative course systems deeply integrated with subject knowledge

Online courses on intangible cultural heritage are a type of course format developed for mobile and PC platforms. These courses offer flexible scheduling, lightweight content, and diverse formats, making them suitable for fragmented learning time. Online courses creatively combine intangible cultural heritage skills with subject knowledge, helping students develop interdisciplinary thinking, ignite their interests, and establish and organize their knowledge system.

Online Courses on Intangible Cultural Heritage

Establishing knowledge system using fragmented time

Intangible cultural heritage e-learning courses are a type of e-learning course specially developed for schools. Each course consists of 10 lessons, with each lesson adapted to approximately 45 minutes of classroom e-teaching. The courses are taught by intangible cultural heritage experts through video lectures, gradually explaining the culture and skills of intangible cultural heritage, and incorporating subject knowledge to enhance students' hands-on skills and flexible application of knowledge.

Intangible Cultural Heritage e-learning Courses

Stimulating learning interest through vivid scenarios

Inquiry-based activity courses emphasize students' sense of participation. Through professionally designed themes and activity sections, these courses integrate education with entertainment, enhancing students' social attributes and personal cultivation, and achieving the goal of students acquiring knowledge. These courses are suitable for cultural institutions such as museums and offer various inquiry-based activities based on factors such as exhibition venues, seasons, and traditional festivals.

Inquiry-based Activity Courses on Intangible Cultural Heritage

More participation, more rewards

Intangible cultural heritage inquiry-based study/field trip courses aim to embody the concept of "reading thousands of books, traveling thousands of miles." They guide students to step out of the classroom, observe on-site, enhance their intuitive understanding, experience the charm of traditional culture through practical activities, and achieve targeted training and improvement of specialized abilities as predetermined in the teaching objectives.

Intangible Cultural Heritage Inquiry-based Study/Field Trip Courses

Seeking breakthroughs in every journey

The accompanying teaching aids for these courses are meticulously designed and packaged, complete with detailed instructions on the operation process. They themselves are learning products.

Teaching Aids For Intangible Cultural Heritage Inquiry-based Courses

Accompanying learning products

Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum and Intangible Cultural Heritage Classroom

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The Museum of Courtyard No. 93

The Museum of Courtyard No. 93 was established in 2014 and is located in the Liulichang area of Beijing's cultural core. It is an innovator and leader in the creative transformation of intangible cultural heritage, and has gained unanimous recognition and high visibility from various sectors of society. Since its opening, the museum has hosted personal exhibitions of more than 30 inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, organized over 100 inheritors to teach and experience intangible cultural skills, and provided tens of thousands of intangible cultural heritage enthusiasts with the opportunity to learn and communicate face-to-face with inheritors.

Zhenqu Park

"Zhenqu Park" is a collaborative project between Zhao Dengyu School in Beijing and the Museum of Courtyard No. 93, serving as an education base for excellent traditional Chinese culture. As a carrier of intangible cultural heritage in schools, "Zhenqu Park" greatly satisfies children's multi-dimensional learning needs for traditional culture. Here, students can not only see the works of inheritors and teachers of intangible cultural heritage, but also showcase their own achievements in the exhibition area. The experiential area provides space for students to be hands-on and interactive, which is a condition that was not available in previous single intangible cultural heritage school courses. The improved basic environment gives schools, students, and parents great confidence in the inheritance of Chinese traditional culture.

Advantages of MyZWEN

Focus Leads To Professionalism, Professionalism Leads To Excellence

Rich Experience In Operating Traditional Cultural Industries

With 12 years of experience in operating traditional cultural projects, 4 years of experience in community/school museum planning and operation, 4 years of experience in planning and implementing intangible cultural heritage activities and courses, and 3 years of research and development experience in inquiry-based core courses of intangible cultural heritage and cooperation with public primary and secondary schools, MyZWEN has a deep understanding and strong research and development capabilities in inquiry-based/STEAM courses of intangible cultural heritage.

Professional Curriculum Research And Deployment Capabilities

With professional curriculum development centers, online course system development centers, product design centers, online operation centers, and project operation centers, MyZWEN has formed a complete curriculum operation system that combines courses with products and online with offline, serving schools, communities, museums, and families.

Unique Brand And Intangible Cultural Heritage Industry Resources.

The Museum of Courtyard No. 93 operated by MyZWEN is an innovator and leader in the creative transformation of intangible cultural heritage. Over the past four years, it has established a good social reputation through solid social services and accumulated rich intangible cultural heritage resources. Through in-depth cooperation with numerous inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, we are continuously expanding the infinite possibilities of intangible cultural heritage inheritance and development.

Strong Media And Channel Resources

MyZWEN has been operating the leading traditional cultural media platform in China, “China Cultural Relics Network,” for many years, and has abundant media resources and media operation experience. With the help of the “Intangible Cultural Heritage Channel” and “Local Workstations of China Cultural Relics Network,” MyZWEN is accelerating the inheritance and dissemination of intangible cultural heritage, and assisting in the in-depth research and expansion of courses.

Media Coverage

Media Attention And Coverage Help Promote The Dissemination Of Intangible Cultural Heritage

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